Friday, June 8, 2012

Trinity Sunday: God is a dancer.

Here is an excerpt from Trinity Sunday's sermon preached by the Rev. Joe Hensley:
top view of St. Luke's Trinitarian
baptismal font stand,
created by Frank DePasquale

...Imagination is so important in the life of faith. And there was a man named John of Damascus a long time ago, he was imagining about God. He said God is three and yet is one, they must be moving around each other like three dancers moving in perfect harmony, the three of them, so that they're not really three, they're really one; but they're not really one, they're really three. God is a dancer. So thank you to John of Damascus for giving us that image of God. God is a dancer. And sometimes God likes to dance alone just like sometimes we like to dance alone. God is out there somewhere in God's perfect harmonious dancing self doing God's dance thing.

But God also likes to dance with others, and so God sent the Son to be human, to be with us. God sent the Holy Spirit to be with us, to invite us into the dance. In Romans, Paul says we are led by the spirit. Think about the spirit as a dance partner leading us. We are led by the spirit into the dance of God....

I want to give us an image of our church. If God is a dancer, then this is a dance studio. This is a place where we come week in and week out to learn some steps, to learn some moves, to learn about the movement of God in our lives and in this world. To learn a dance that will give us joy in the midst of sorrow; to learn a dance that will give us healing in the midst of pain; to learn a dance that will give us love in the midst of a world filled with hatred. We are here to learn to dance...

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