Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LEAPS Pre-K Program Kicks Off The Year!

This Monday marks the beginning of the third week of the LEAPS (Latino Education Acheivement Partnership) program for preschool-aged children.  The class of 14 students meets in the Gray Building on St. Luke's grounds four days a week in the morning.  

Each LEAPS pre-K morning is filled with art, songs, stories, LOTS of counting, outdoor playtime, puzzles, snack, and indoor playtime.  For all of the children, this LEAPS program is their first experience in a classroom environment, so much of teacher Adriana Smith's curricular focus involves teaching the children basic classroom socialization: sitting in circles, lining up, washing hands, taking turns, sharing, raising a hand to speak up, etc.  In addition, the children possess a wide range of English language proficiency; some come from bilingual households while others entered the program only speaking a few words in English.  Over the course of the year, the LEAPS pre-K program will aim to equip these young students to enter the kindergarten classroom with an understanding of school rules and expectations as well as a familiarity with the English language. 

We look forward to many more weeks of learning with these children in the coming months and feel very blessed and fortunate to have the chance to get know and spend time with each of them.  

Enjoy the pictures below, which show just how much learning and play go on each morning with the LEAPS pre-K students!

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