Friday, December 14, 2012

The Pregnancy of Advent

Well, I've almost gotten through today without major calamity.

I picked today to write because it's my daughter's birthday.  I think this whole season of Advent is like pregnancy. Of course, we are waiting for the birth of the Christ; and it's all the more personal when you are waiting for the birth of your own child. Both my daughter and one of my sons were born in this season; Andrea, today, on Dec 14, and Joshua on Jan 14. Also a co-worker, and good friend, is carrying a child right now, and will birth her son in January.

It's interesting and very reflective to be around pregnant women this time of year, as we wait for the birth of the Christ child. I think of Joseph, Jesus' earthly father, and I think I can identify with some of his fears and the threats that were made concerning the baby his wife was carrying.  Things change so much when a baby is born, and I like to think about how much better my life has become because of my children.

The other thing I think about at this time of Advent, as we head into the third Sunday, is the Traveling Wilbury's song "Heading for the Light".  When the days are getting darker earlier and earlier, it seems so depressing to be so dark and cold.  But like in the song, "
I see the sun ahead, I ain't never looking backAll the dreams are coming true as I think of youNow there's nothing in the way to stop meHeading for the light."

I think of my children, of the Christ Child, and the sun which will be returning soon, and I know I'm saved.

Written by Jeff Pitts.

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