Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Supplies needed for Holy Cross Anglican School in Belize

children in a classroom at Holy Cross Anglican School
Here is a list of ways you can contribute to our Belize mission teams who are leaving in early February. The supplies are packed in suitcases and hand delivered by our team members. Everything needs to be collected by January 27. Bring the items to the Sprague Room where there is a collection area. You can see much more about  our past Belize trips on our Belize blog:

Feeding Program financial contributions: urgent and will be matched 1:1 by Holy Cross Anglican School 
Foundation until 12/31/2012 (tax-deductible check to St. Luke’s with HCAS Feeding Program on memo line)

San Mateo Sewing Center financial contributions for Team to buy supplies on San Pedro (tax deductible check to St Luke’s with San Mateo Sewing Center on memo line) 

Used simple and functioning (working) digital cameras for a student Literacy Through Photography Project 
2013 (not new cameras)

Security Torch (heavy duty spot light type, weather proof, rechargeable)
Memory USB sticks for teachers (10-20)
Plastic medals for sports competitions (gold, silver, bronze) - 100 each
Portable scale (heavy duty only) for child weights
Jumbo permanent markers (not dry erase) - all colors - especially red, blue, green and black)
Paperback dictionaries (student dictionaries)(English)
Teacher geometry sets (large size compass, protractor, set squares)
Bulletin Board Borders - all colors and patterns (not alphabet or numbers which HCAS has)
Basic medical supplies - durable blood pressure cuffs (adult, adolescent and children) 
Envelopes (regular and legal size)
1 foot rulers
Post It Notes
Staples (standard desk stapler ¼ inch size)
Dry or chalk board erasers (new)
Glass microscope slides and cover glass
Clear packing tape (for laminating)
Red and blue pens
Laminating pouches - letter size - heat activated
White and cream card stock - letter size
Craft books for children, for class projects
Please do not donate (HCAS has an adequate supply on hand):
Old books, crayons, glue sticks, lead pencils and writing paper

If you prefer to make a financial contribution, please write your check to St. Luke’s with Belize supplies on 
the memo line.

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